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      As a mountain biker, it is natural to have the desire to go out and get a good action camera. And eversince the Hero 8 Black launch, I’ve been thinking “Is the Hero 8 (Black) worth it? Especially compared to the previous Hero 7 Black?”

      Okay, so basically the new Hero 8 has (1) better stabilization, (2) new form factor, (3) bunch of optional mods, (4) some nice software features.

      Okay, first, the new Hypersmooth 2.0 and BOOST. The Hypersmooth 2.0 is a nice step-up from the Hypersmooth in Hero 7. But, there’s a catch. In order to use the Hypersmooth 2.0 you have to sacrifice on the with of the shot because unfortunately you can’t use Superview (super wide) with they Hypersmooth 2.0 which bring us back to the regular Hypersmooth in the Hero 7. And, if you’ve ever watched any MTB video, you know that you want things as wide as possible.

      The BOOST mode is also really good. But I think it’s made for vlogging purposes or less-intensive use, like running, drone shot, or just plain cinematic shots. And even I wouldn’t use the BOOST mode for mountain biking, because (1) the stabilization requires lots of light, and (2) it is —in my opinion— better for an action camera to have a little bit of shake on action videos.

      Now, the form factor. GoPro does make the battery easier to replace, and some other tweaks like, 14% lighter weight, and tougher build overall. But, I just can’t believe that they made the lens cover permanent. So, if you crashed, and scratch/break your lens cover, you’re out of luck. Because unlike the previous GoPros, the Hero 8 doesn’t have a replaceable lens cover and it means to buy a brand new GoPro or degrade your video quality if you scratch/break your lens. To GoPro’s credit, they claimed that the glass is 2x as strong, but if you got that one unfortunate crash and the lens crack/scratch/breaks, you’re out of luck.

      The intergrated mount is nice, but I feel like it would be better to get a full-body protector fron GoPro to secure both your mount, and your lens. And remember, it is an action camera, and if you do more than vlogging, like mountain biking, or off-road things that might send you crashing hard. Your camera might not survive and could not be repaired.

      Third, is the mods. There are screen mod, lighting mod, mount, ect. And I think these mods are directed to vloggers, and less useful to mountain biking, or other off-road harsh activity.

      Fourth, is the new features. The new features are just like the mods, they’re more useful for vloggers than to off-road action vlogger. If you like extreme sports, I don’t think you’d use any of these features, but if you use the Hero 8 for vlogging, I think it makes more sense.

      So, the Hypersmooth 2.0 is better, but for you have to crop the picture, and if you want a wide field of view, you’d have to use the regular Hypersmooth which can be found in the Hero 7 Black. The new form factor is nice, but it is not as repairable as the Hero 7, which would cost you your video quality or a brand new camera. The mods and new features are more usable for vlogging than recording action videos.

      So, the Hero 7 Black has come down a little bit in price, and the Hero 8 is better in some categories, yet —kinda— worse in other categories. And it makes me feel like GoPro Hero 8 is a camera for vlogging instead of action-recording. So, do you think the Hero 8 Black is worth it? Or should I go with the Hero 7 Black for less money, but older gen??

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      Based on your own analysis I don’t see why you would pay extra for features that you have determined have (very) low value to you. I’d go with the Hero 7 Black.

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      As an owner of the Hero 8 Black i can say this this is amazing. The difference between this and the Hero 7 Black is manly form factor. The 8 is a simpler gopro making it more convenient that ever. This includes the ability to use without a frame and also it means you can change the battery without any complications. Even tho the lens is not detachable it is 2x stronger. It really comes down to is if you what the latest and greatest and also do you what the simplicity of the 8. The 8 also has better audio if you are into posting your videos. Just my 2 cents as a owner of the 8. Also my friends have the 7,6,and5…So i can compare them…

      And yes the mods are useless for mountain biking.

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      If I already had a 7 (I do) or the savings was substantial enough between the 7 and an 8, and was primarily interested in action footage instead of vlogging, I’d do the 7.

      There just doesn’t seem like enough standout features to get the 8 if you already have a 7, which is really good for MTB footage, done properly.

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