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      Hello everyone! Great community you have here.

      I recently purchased a Specialized Rockhopper disc and have been enjoying abusing the hell out of it. I ride about 4-5 times a week and am already thinking about my next purchase.

      I’m planning on purchasing a FS bike (within the next year) and some bikes that have caught my eye are made by iron horse. Specifically the MKIII and Azure.

      The thing that caught my eye was that they use the dwlink rear suspension tech and it seems to be pretty solid. They also seem to be reasonably priced. (Bang for the buck is pretty important)

      Anyone have any experience with either of these bikes? Most of the riding I do is here in AZ and mostly XC with some LIGHT am stuff possibly.


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      Owned an MKIII – great bike. Climbs great. I don’t have many big hills her in the midwest but with the right fork you can stay seated on most cimbs and climbs well out of the sadde as wel.
      look for a 2007 or newer I had an 06 and when you’re in the too chain ring the chain saws on the chain stay in the 3 largest cogs. 07 redesigned that so it’s no longer and issue. Ony other thing is that it take some time getting use to bunny hops. It’s barely noticablble but there’s a slight hiccup when you hop due to the DW link. after a few rides you won’t even notice it.
      Again great bike and for the price impossible to beat

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      Second the MKIII – got the 2007 and it’s by far been the best FS rig I have owned yet. Climbs like a horny mountain goat, which in the northeast is extremely helpful. 5 inches of travel means I can do just about anything within my comfort level.

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