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      So, I’m pretty new to this whole MTB thing – having spent most my life on a road bike. I recently have converted to MTB, and have a Giant Anthem X 29er (2016). I am looking to upgrade to a dropper post – preferably one with the cable routed through the frame. Can anyone tell me if this is possible with this particular model (short of drilling holes in the frame) or if I am better off with a dropper post with external cabling.


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      Looked at the spec’s on Giant’s site (nice bike, btw) and all your cables are exterior routed. So, unless you want to drill holes,….

      I like KindShock’s dropper posts, partly because they’re designed so the cable doesn’t move. A few well-placed zip ties and it’s off to the trails. Any 30.9mm dropper will work with your bike.

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      I’ve just also bought the 2016 Anthem 29.  I also bought the Giant 100mm travel dropper post as part of the deal/package and will be doing the install myself in the next couple of weeks.  Like yourself I would prefer to run the cables through the frame.

      As you know from looking at your bike the majority of the cable routing is actually internal on the 2016 model (wasn’t on 2015 I beleive).

      From having a quick look at my bike I think you could get a second cable through the existing hole in the down tube.  I then hope to route internally all the way from there as there is no suitable entry and exit point.

      If this is at all possible the bottom bracket would have to come out during fitting.  My worry is that there might not be enough room for the cable to pass the bottom bracket after reinstalling, especially as there are some unused lugs across the top tube which might be for installing a dropper post maybe.

      Annoyingly the manual that comes with the bike does not cover the best route for the 29er.

      The giant dropper post can be installed with cable internally or externally as seems to get ok reviews for its price.  So I have both options.

      Now I just need to work out what tools I need to remove and re-install the bottom bracket!

      Any help on that would be appreciated …. or if anyone has done an internal install on the 29er.

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        Did you ever manage to route your dropper internally? I would like to do the same thing. Convert the bike to 1x so that I can get rid of the FD, and then use this entry port on the right had side of the frame for the dropper, take the cable/housing down the down tube, passed the BB should not be a problem, up the seat tube might be a bit more tricky to get it passed the main rocker pivot. Any advice?

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        Never mind, I was being stupit. The FD internal opening is too far along the top tube to be able to run the cable down the downtube.

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        I’m a newb to mtn biking as well. I also have the 2016 Anthem X and here’s what I was told my my LBS. The dropper is intended to be ran externally on a stock bike. What’s nice is that there are braze-on guides on the frame. Black cable if you want to stealthy, yellow if you want to be flashy. However, the LBS mentioned that if you switched to a 1x drive train, you could theoretically use the cable for the front derailleur as you dropper cable. On another note, converting to 1×10 or even 1×11 on the bike is relatively inexpensive and easy to do.

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      Damon, how did it go routing the cables of the dropper on your X29er? I have the same bike and looking at getting a dropper for it. Where you able to route it inside?

      Can this fit a 125mm? dropper?


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