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      And I’ve got great news as well….

      The VA has approved my application for their Vocational Rehab Program, and I’ll be attending Barnett Bicycle Institute as soon as I’m completely out of the Army. I tried getting them the Army to allow me to attend Barnett before I was out, but for some reason they don’t allow people to attend technical schools while still active duty…. even though if it was a normal college, I’d be able to go. But I’m on the home-stretch now, and my final day in is Nov. 14th.

      And after much searching and contemplating, I’ll be staying in Colorado for a good while after finishing up at Barnett. I really don’t like Denver (too expensive & too many hippies/commie libs ;) ), and Trinidad/Pueblo aren’t to my liking either. So my home-base will likely be either here in the Springs or over in Grand Junction/Fruita. I personally would prefer some place like Buena Vista, Durango, or even Frisco/Silverthorne, but they’re either too remote, too seasonal, or high-cost.

      Unfortunately I haven’t been able to ride all summer, but I did finally get a TENS unit gratis from my doctor. These things are little electro-shock machines which zap muscles & nerve-endings, and run at least $300. But it works wonders, and I think it with a combination of other treatments, I’ll be able to work my way back onto the bike before it gets nasty here. I hope so, as I’ve been off it & Singletracks for far too long. Between leave & having to make regular runs up to Denver, I’ve been away from the internet most of the time. I do have a Blackberry with internet, but it doesn’t like Singletracks & a few other websites I used to frequent.

      Anyways, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but I’m still busy, and getting busier as my moving commences & final day approaches. But I’m glad to finally be able to take a load off and see what everyone here’s been up to. And for once, ya’ll will probably have to fill me in on what’s been cooking in MTB technology! I haven’t picked up a bike mag in months!

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      😃 😃 😃 😃 😬 😬 😬 Man,I was just about to ask where in the hell was that bomber dude.hahahahaaha.I really hope that you can get back on the bike dude,what are you gonna do if you couldnt get back on???????I feel bad for even asking.I know how ya feel cause I got a straned groin ailing me a little bit right now and cant go on anything longer than 3 or 4 mile’s and the climbing is limited. 😠 😠 Although,hitting the bmx track for a dozen lap’s on my mtb with the seat lowered give’s me a good buzz on for what it’s worth and doesnt bother the groin.
      There’s been a big hole we’ve all been stepping around without ya here dude so do what you gotta do and ease your way back into traffic dude.

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      Welcome back, buddy!

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      Glad you are mending and hope you can roll those wheels before the snow flies. 😛

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