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      I currently use a few different gps apps on my I phone 5. I activate the app at the trailhead and then toss it in my pack which works well for the most part. There are times when I would like to have my phone more accessible. I have been looking at different options, handlebar mount vs. phone sheath that mounts to the shoulder strap on my pack. What are you guys using?? Brands, style, etc…. And why??

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      I’ve used a few different iPhone bar mounts but haven’t tried the shoulder-strap option. I really like using my phone as a GPS and camera on the trail but TBH I don’t always use my bar mount. Most of the time I just throw my phone in the fanny pack.

      The biggest drawback to the bar mounts I’ve used is the cases and/or mounts are usually bulky and difficult to get the phone in and out. Almost all of them rattle on the trail which is annoying.

      Here’s an interesting case we reviewed a while back that turns your phone into an action cam:

      http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-ge … on-camera/

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      Exactly my thoughts Jeff. I think it would clutter the cockpit and may even be a distraction at times. Just wanted to hear from others on this. I know some of those dedicated bar mounts aren’t cheap. I have looked at a water resistant neoprene case that uses velco to attach to your shoulder strap. I may try one. Thank you

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      Check out the Quadloc. It’s great.

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      Quad lock is an excellent option.

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