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      Ok so this is the second time that this has happened! I ride a Trek 6500 Disc and about a month ago i broke 2 rear spokes on my rim. Dropped it off at the bike shop to get replaced…done. Went out trail riding again (Santos in Ocala, FL) and broke three more! Its horrible! So I thought that I would learn to change out the spokes but didnt have the right tools. So i dropped off my bike yesterday and the guy at the bike shop said I just need to get a new rim. Which I am fine with, however, I weigh 220lbs and am 6’4" I want this to stop happening…should I spend the 200+ for a decent rim or should i buy the same rim (around 80 bucks) and hope this doesnt keep happening. Its just a pain in the ass bringing it in the shop every week. Any recommendations for rear rims that will fit a trek 6500 disc? I need something that will last….

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      This started happening to the Bontrager rims on my Trek also. I coughed up the dough on some Azonic outlaws, been as happy as I can be with them! On sale at wheel world for @ $250. It sucks! But is a helluva lot nicer now not worrying about it! They can really take a beating also! When I first put them on my bike, I was pushing 300 lbs.! Air, rock gardens, no problem!

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      Great to know..thanks for the reply! Yeah i am starting to get sick of bringing it in all of the time..I will look up that rim!

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      I have a set of these:
      http://www.mybiketinley.com/Sta-Tru-26F … 15499.html

      I have had to have the hubs serviced one time, but the wheels themselves have been incredibly solid for two years now.

      Also, they are disc or rim brake compatible.

      For the record, I weigh only 200 lbs. 😃

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      Thanks for the replies. I dont think I am having an issue with the actual rims and I am not sure how thick my spokes are. That is probably a good idea about the thicker spokes. I am an adventure racer so I put my bike through some grueling terrain and now and again like to do my fair share of getting air on jumps. So the question then is…which rim allows for thicker spokes? Are the rims the same and the spoke diameter adjustable? I need to make sure they will fit my bike also…

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