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      I am out to have fun!  GRIN like a 5-year-old on my 2015 Fatbike is all I ride right now!  I have lost 100lbs riding this thing and havent stopped yet.  I have wrecked and gotten hurt and had to rehab myself luckily I didn’t break anything.   Everyone talks about Speed of their bikes What about having FUN!

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      Fun is the main reason most people ride I believe. Speed is just one item on a long list of possibilities.

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      After yesterday riding with a friend that has a FS bike Eduro Specialized, I am on my Rigid Fatboy, watching him go over these rocks and jump a few flying down this hill.   I can see his bike just like roll over these rocks with no Bounce! I, on the other hand, are getting beat up jumping bouncing around!   I have not spent a good amount of time on a FS but I am looking now and since i am short I really like the 27+ FS ,  I have a bike shop that has a 2019 non-Carbon Stumpjumper.

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      I raced from my teens into my 20’s. The constant worrying about speed, structured training instead of riding for fun, and the general misery you endure from riding “on the rivet” totally burned me out and made me take a decade away from riding. I’ve been back at it for about 5 years and I’ve sworn to BEVER race again. I use Strava but only to keep a log of rides and not chasing PRs or KOMs.

      I think you are on the right track to make mountain biking a fun lifelong activity.

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      I ride for fun, but do challenge myself on every ride.

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      jpdirt, I hear you. The competitive side of me considers racing. My ego wants me to learn all the cool skills (wheelie, bunny hop, manual, jump, etc). Racing maybe and skills definitely but mostly I love getting out and conquering the terrain. I ride hard tail and the full suspension bikes look cool and I bet they are great. More than anything I am into being out there and thoroughly enjoying the bike and trails I have.

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      I do it for fun and fitness as well. I get a little harder and faster when I know it is safe.

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      First of all, congratulations on losing 100 pounds.  That is a huge accomplishment, I’m sure riding will help you to keep it off.

      Many times I’ve been bringing up the rear in a group and when we stopped I asked if they had seen the elk, deer, moose, etc.  They said no because they were going too fast and concentrating on the the trail and and keeping up with the person in front of them and missed it.  Such are the missed moments of competitiveness.  Stay with what got you here.


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      I think most everyone rides for fun.  I think the difference is that what is “fun” for one individual may be different than what is fun for someone else.  Some have fun just being out with nature and covering a bit more ground than can be done on foot.  Some enjoy the social aspects of riding just being out with family or friends that ride.  Some ride for general health or fitness reasons.  Some ride because they love challenging themselves on more technical terrain.  Some ride competitively because that’s what drives them.  It’s all good!!  I ride for all of the above reasons.  But I have the most fun when I am pushing myself to do things I’ve never done before.  Cleaning a rock garden, jumping that double, bunny hopping a newly fallen tree I’m not sure I can clear, cleaning a steep climb, landing that drop, getting more air time on a trail feature, and yes, even Strava PR’s (you know it doesn’t get easier as you get older. Lol)  In the winter, I’ll break out the fatbike and ride in the snow.  And I will even race once or twice a year for fun, fitness and competition.  Have fun riding in whatever way gives you the most gratification!

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      Losing 100 pounds is fantastic. I am right there with you.  I started riding a fat bike and I am down 40 pounds from a couple years ago.  The idea of racing didn’t apppeal to me either.  My brother in law talked me into the Iceman Cometh Challenge last year (From Kalkaska to Traverse City, MI).  It was more of a way to celebrate the fact I was in shape enough to finish than to actually “race”.  It was a lot of fun and people were cheering for the people coming in last as much as they were cheering on everyone else.  It was a great experience. When I started riding, I would not have made it up the first hill so completing a 50k was very rewarding.  Whether or not you ever decide to try a race, keep up the healthy lifestyle.

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      I came to mountain biking as a result of triathlon burnout – I’m playing in the dirt because it’s fun!  I’m not very good at anything yet, but I’m having a blast being out there developing new skills and enjoying nature in my local area.  I might do an offroad tri or two, but I don’t see myself ever being interested in real mountain bike racing.

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