How to remove this decal…?

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      I got this bike for a great deal at a city auction but I’d like to change or just take off the decals because these were once police bikes. I thought I’d just go about it by soaking in adhesive remover but now that I’ve taken a closer look I’m not sure that’s gonna work. The edge of the decal can be seen but can’t be felt when you rub a finger over it. I think some kind of clear coat was applied after the decal was put on.

      Anybody know something about this?


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      I’m almost positive now the decal has a clear coat on top of it so I’m just gonna prep and give the lowers a thrice over with a rattle can of satin black.

      Any suggestions for a good paint brand or just in general for doing this?

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      Ok I’ve decided.  I’m gonna sand the whole frame down with 800 grit, and then what?  I’m gonna paint the whole thing myself but I’m not sure what kind / brand paint to use.  I’d like for it to be more durable than whatever comes in those cans at Home Depot.  Do I need to head down to the local auto paint store?  I don’t mind buying a new paint gun if I have to.  Should I be looking at using an enamel?

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      Duplicolor will do you right. 320 grit wet sand for better adhesion. Wipe it down with a lint free cloth soaked in acetone prior to primer. After primer coat is done, wait for it to become flat in appearance and a quick once over with 000 steel wool and a wipedown with a tackcloth. Spray the color coat before the primer has cured out. In other words, same day as primer was applied. Usually, within a hour, you can do the steel wool. Be gentle with the steel wool! All you are doing is is knocking down any roughness in the primer finish, nothing more. Tackcloth can be purchased at a paint store or Lowes/Homie D’s.


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