How to clear obstacles?


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      I am new to mountain biking and am having problems clearing obstacles that I cannot simply wheely over (some are to high, my chain ring gets caught).

      I have read the beginner guides here … tain-bike/

      It seems like the bunny hop is what I should be going for but my seat gets in the way, but I need the seat high for efficient peddling.

      I have heard of rapid seat adjusters to switch seat heights on the fly but I am just getting started, there has got to be another way or something that I am going wrong.

      Any suggestions?


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      The only time my seat is high, is if i am doing just a xc ride, otherwise my seat is down so if I need to do something, i dont have to worry about the seat hitting me in the rear. This all takes practice, wheelies, bunny hop etc. Its not done over night. Also, do you have a bash guard? You can wheelie the front tire onto the log then hop the rear tire onto the log. Usually if its large, a roller is made out of it so it can be rolled up and down .

      Hope this helps

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      If your chainring sticks in the log as you try to go over, just keep pedaling. The ring will act like a third wheel pushing you forward, and usually you can wiggle yourself right over the log.

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