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    Hey! Just doing a couple of upgrades to my drivetrain, and wanted some help as to how I remove my chain… I read this article and I gleaned that all I had to do was move the master link towards itself…. Is that correct? And does this operation require any special tools?  Thanks for your continuing help!  Cheers  🙂

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    Not all chains have a master link. But if your chain does have one, then yes, you can push on either side of the master link to disengage. Sometimes I have to use a set of pliers to get enough force on there. Here’s a photo:

    If your chain doesn’t have a master link, you need a chain tool, or at least a way to knock the pin out of one of the links. This article has some good photos to explain.

    How to fix or replace your MTB chain

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    Just got this in my email after replying. Apparently Park Tool also has a set of pliers designed specifically for removing a master link.

    This tool is from and doubles as a set of tire levers.

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    If you have a master link you do not needs special tools, but the technique without is tricky.. do a search on youtube, there are a couple of vids.

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    yeah sorry I forgot to mention the chain has a master link, That’s a nifty little tool there! But I already have tire levers.. so I think I’ll just use some pliers…  🙂   Thanks!


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