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      Hello fellow riders!

      My family has some acreage in Clanton AL. We are currently working on reclaiming/reclearing some double track around the outside lines of the property (approx 60acres forest). I also plan on adding some nice singletrack lines throughout.

      In the meantime, there is a nice 1/3 acre spot that could be made into a fun little pump track. Luckily, we’ve got a dozer, a bobcat, and some hardcore mowers… just need some ideas/design and some extra able bodies to wield shovels and break it in! Any riders near Central AL wanting to pitch in?

      Link: … 8&t=h&z=15

      Mitch (thewhitespot)

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      How cool would that be havin acreage to build your own singletrack and pump track.I want to build my own pump track so bad I get knotted up emotionally inside,my family HAD property till grandpa lost it goin to the casinos. 😐

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      Yeah I definitely feel blessed and so very thankful that my dad likes buying dirt. Don’t feel bad Steve, my college tuition was lost in the stock market… pretty much a casino!

      CO has some nice places to ride though right? New parks in Boulder up and coming? Lived in Littleton/Highlands Ranch for a bit but sadly didn’t bike alot then. Did some snowboarding though!

      As for design I think I’m going with a figure 8… As for dirt, much of it is red clay after digging down about 6 inches. Anyone know how well that works for a pump track?

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      Ewwww,I like the figure 8.but I would probably like any configuration of pumptrack.I really like the multicinfigurations where a rider can pick differant lines,but I know those are involved to build,probably take a lot of figuring and trial and error to build.

      Yeah,Colorado has a few trails to ride,hahahaha. 😎

      As for the red clay,I grew up around dirt track racing and I believe there is red clay where we used to BMX DJ/Trick,and we built a few BMX tracks back then too,stuff is moist an a little tacky,at leat from where I’m from,and can be hard to mold unless it’s dry.Turn it up,let it set for a couple days if it i s wet,and then start workin with it,but I’m no dirt expert,but building a pump track interests the heck out of me.. 😃 😄

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      Just wanted to start with something simple like an oval or a figure 8 then pending my dad will let me, add onto it.

      Gonna start out with rocks/red clay, middle/top layer of red dirt… If all else fails I can get some other dirt elsewhere.

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      Hello Mitch ,

      Im just checking to see if your pump trail project was ever completed . I live on Lay Lake by the flatlands . Thanks , Daryl

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