Going to Whistler area want to XC need advice on rentals and possibly guides

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      Going to Whistler in mid July for a week of riding solo. Going to do a little DH at the park, but I’m really going for XC. Problem is that even in Ontario I get lost fairly easily in well marked forests and while I want to go on some long epic rides, I don’t want to be lost in the mountains. Basically I am hoping to find some locals to ride with or even hire a guide to ride with me. Just wondering how?

      Am I worrying too much? Will the trails both in and around Whistler be well marked? Is it okay to be riding solo? Do you typically get good cell phone coverage?

      If I was to try to find locals to ride with, would I just look at the local mountain biking clubs to see when they do rides and show up? I think one is called WORCA. Do you think it be easy to find someone to show me the trails just by going into the bike shops? Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Hey man, having just gotten back from spending two weeks riding in Whistler (and about 5 weeks in the PNW overall), it seems like your basic premise–wanting to ride XC in Whistler–is going to be a problem. How exactly are you defining XC??

      While there are a couple of trails outside of the park that might qualify as XC, most of what I experienced was gnarly as fuck. Many of the standard backcountry trails, the most popular routes in the region, are serious business!! Granted, I didn’t get to ride Lord of the Squirrels as it was too early in the season for that, and that trail gets an easier rating on Trailforks than most of the trails I rode.

      If you’re not into full-bore descents with burly features and high consequence, you might want to go somewhere else on your trip IMHO. I actually thought Squamish had much better trail riding overall, and while there are definitely white-knuckle trails there (slab riding FTW) I found there to be quite a bit more variety than Whistler, with some more approachable flow lines for non-technical riders.

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