Giant vs. Felt which one?

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      How are you all doing? I’m new here and just stumbled across this site while researching a couple of bikes. I currently ride a hardtail and am looking to upgrade to a full suspension, 2k is my spending limit.

      Here’s what I am looking at getting.

      The 2009 Giant Trance X3 ($1900) or the 2008 Felt Virtue 2 ($2000) reduced from 3k

      Obviously the price is similar, they seem to both have excellent reviews. Components are similar (but I’m no expert), rear suspensions seem to be similar. Some people I know say go with the trance while others seem to think the Felt is better. What are your opinion?

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      Gut feeling says go with the Trance, Giant has more of a track record (imo) and Felt bikes have left a few things to be desired for me personally.

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      The components aren’t really similar. The Felt is a step up across the board especially if it comes with the Fox RP2 as it says in the general info section and not the Fox Float R as in says in the Specs area. My experience with Shimano is several years in the past, but the jump from straight deore and LX to XT was money well spent.

      Another big deal is from whom you are buying. Giant is one of the big three or four, along with Trek and Specialized (a forth could be argued). You will get a generally consistent level of support with Giant. If they are like Specialized and Trek it will be neither spectacular nor insulting. Just about right.

      Felt is more of a boutique bike. Support from such companies varies wildly. I own an Astrix Stryke. Trying to contact that company is like trying to contact space aliens. You know your message has gone out, but, you’re not sure anyone is really listening. I currently ride Transitions, while they don’t respond fast enough me (I want my response before I click send on the mail), the responses are intelligent, correct and generally worth the wait. If I were you, I would contact Felt a few times before I made a choice. Ask the tough questions like "What is the max Crown-to-Axle on a fork the frame will support," or "My riding weight is X lbs and I want to put a coil shock on the frame. What weight spring should I get?" These are the questions that some moop salesmen or PR guy won’t be able to answer. Judge the time that it takes to get real answer. Questions about maintenance schedules are always really sharp, too. If you are comfortable with the responses, then I would go the the Felt.

      Ultimately, you can’t go wrong the Giant. There are lots of dealers from which to chose if your current one pisses you off, you relocate or whatever. They have a rather solid reputation among all branches of the MTB community. With the Felt you might a get screamin’ deal or you might get clean ripped off. Felt is still trying to build a reputation in the MTB world. It may be complicated to find a Felt dealer with a good MTB wrench. Since I tech my own bikes, that’s not a big deal to me. It might be a huge a thing to you. It’s a lot to digest, but two large is lotta dough.

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      Get the Giant. But get a Reign. 😉

      Just kidding. Sort of. I really like the Reigns. But that’s just me.

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      I appreciate all of your input and am definately leaning towards the Giant.

      Leppah, I wouldn’t mind the Reign, but I do not need quite that much travel.

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      I own a Felt Virtue 2 and love it. I started with a specialized Rockhopper disc and fell in love with riding. I tested other brands (including Giant) and I didn’t not like them, but I really like the fit and feel of the virtue. It’s light and loves to climb. I do not claim to be a pro or know all the dynamics of each component, but I can say that I get no noticable "bob" which according to the company and reivews is due to the equilink system. I did have an issue with my fork leaking, but between the bike shop and RockShox I was able to get it fixed with little hassle. I can’t speak for the Giant model you are looking at, but I have enjoyed my bike and I am actually looking at getting a felt 29 hard tail.

      Whichever you choose the important thing is getting out and riding. Good luck!

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      Hi all,
      I am Stella and I just want to make some good friends with the help of this site. To whom I can share my problems and experiences.


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