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    I have a 7.5" x 2" Progressive 5th Element Coil up for grabs. It’s in good working shape!

    350lb coil
    5-way adjustable compression/rebound/position sensitivity

    $45/shipped to your door!

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    Sorry, Chili! Wish it was the right size for ya…It came off a Voodoo FR bike. They are definitely sweet shocks, and getting harder to find.

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    Spring cleaning bump!

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    Mid season bump…this shock is just sitting on my desk at work, it needs to be used. Make an offer!

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    I’ll measure my frame today…I’m in need of a better rear shock and that price is nice.

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    Sure, let me know if it works for ya. The 5th Element is definitely well made and very adjustable. I’m out of town tonight through the weekend (Race @ Highland MTB Park), but I’ll be back Monday.

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    I new I have never replaced a rear shock what do you have to measure my bike is a cannondale gemini it is suppose to have 170mm of travel front and back.

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    According to this website:

    http://www.vintagecannondale.com/cannon … ngarm.html

    The Gemini needs a 7.875" (200mm) eye-to-eye shock with a 2.25" (58mm) stroke.

    So, sorry, this shock won’t work for ya.

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    you still have the shock, i would be interested

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    Yep, still have it…sitting on my desk here at work. Send me a PM if you are still interested and we can talk further.

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