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      I want to get myself a dropper seatpost but I have an aluminum frame that doesn’t support internal cable routing and I don’t really want to drill a hole in my bike. Has anyone tried to fit the cable through the water bottle cage screw holes in the seat tube? Is it at least possible?


      PS: any recommendations for a good affordable dropper post with internal cable routing?

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      My opinion, stick with a dropper with external cabling.  Internal cable routing is  grossly overrated and a large pain in the buttocks….at least my buttocks.  My 000002 cents.

      –I seem to recall the Fox DOSS dropper getting very good reviews (but I cannot vouch for it personally).

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      Go with the external routed cable. The angle with which the cable coming through the bottle cage bolt hole would be at 90° to the frame and the diameter to small for the cable any way probably which will cause other routing issues. You would need to hack the bottle cage hole which I expect you do not want to do.

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      My guess is the water bottle mount hole is too high anyway. Go with an external, just make sure to get one with a fixed cable position, rather than one where the actuator cable attaches at the top where the seat mounts.

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        Are there any other ones with the cable going from the lower section of the post other than a version of KS lev?

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        Yup, the Fox post can be procured with the external connection at the seat collar. Have one on my phat bike, works great.

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      I’ve got one from PNW. My full review should be published in a few weeks, but so far, so good!


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      I didn’t measure diameter of the hole and cable housing but most likely it’s too small, so you’d have to drill – make it bigger. Provided that hole is low enough to connect to dropper post. After that you’d have to deal with almost 90 degree angle for your cable. And final bit – you need another hole near head tube for your cable to go inside that frame.

      Just as others said, get an external – there’s nothing wrong with one more cable outside your frame.

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