Dirt jumping ankle injury

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      I’m trying to get into dirt jumping to learn some tricks and stuff. Last fall I built a 4.5 foot kicker, which is the biggest thing that I’ve hit to date. So in September I was hitting it and one of the times I wrecked. I kind of bailed and came down and landed on  the heel if one foot. Ever since then, that ankle has hurt a little bit. Not bad at all, but it feels uncomfortable especially in the evenings. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I could do for this? It doesn’t quite seem bad enough to go to the doctor for…

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      Curly, you may have tendonitis from the accident. Takes forever to heal and is usually painful.

      See a physician to find out what is going on and get it sorted.

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      I’ve rolled my right ankle a few times playing basketball, enough to hear a ripping sound when it happened the first time. In my experience, it would hurt a little bit when I got up in the morning and when doing intense running activities for 2-3 years. After about 3-4 years, I finally don’t have pain.

      I recommend  doing ‘toe circles’ to loosen up the ankle joint. Try to do some basic bodyweight squats and core exercises to build some strength and stability in the legs to protect the ankle. Try to massage the painful part of the ankle with your fingers from time to time. Try to avoid high impact activities like running (bike instead).

      In my experience, if you are not bleeding or disfigured, the doctor cannot do much except tell you to rest and prescribe the above mentioned physical therapy exercises. They will also charge you hundreds of dollars for this.

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