Dirt Jumper vs BMX

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      Want to learn how to Wheelie, Manual, jump. etc…  What’s the better choice of bike, Dirt Jumper or BMX?  What’s the difference?

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      Look up Super Rider on YouTube… That may give you some insight into what you are actually seeking. At first glance, it will blow your mind however, it will likely inspire you to want to go further into playing bikes!!

      DJ is heavy in comparison to a true BMX. True BMX’rs are intentionally light and meant for racing vs. a DJ being made stronger for big hit action.

      Street Trials bikes are designed for riding obstacles and things considered not rideable. definitely worthy of looking into if you are interested in getting into more than just a wheelie or a manual here and there.


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      Gotta ask a couple of questions…

      What size of bike/wheels are you interested in?

      Something with minimal BB drop will enhance the playtime experience, so perhaps looking at a street trials bike, such as Inspired Hex, Fourplay or Arcade would be in order.

      From that approach, you can get into more activity with greater ease since street punks, um trials bikes are designed around wheelies/manuals and far greater things. Then you get to work your way through learning a loooong list of skills that take mountain biking to a whole new level.

      For some very well done tutorial videos, https://www.youtube.com/@SuperRiderTV

      Honestly, you can do more on a typical mountain bike than you think! Avoid full suspension since they consume too much energy and inertia than does a hardtail.

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