Crankset & Bottom Bracket Compatibility

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      HELP !!

      So I would like to take the cranks off my current bike to put onto my new bike but I am having an issue with matching up the correct bottom bracket.

      The current bike has a PF30 BB & the new bike has a threaded 73mm BB shell.

      The crankset is a SRAM Custom S-2200 with a 30mm spindle.

      I had bought a BB that I thought should work (Hope Stainless Steel 68/73mm BB for 30mm Spindle), but the bearings would not slide onto the spindle.

      Is there a threaded BB that would fit these cranks or are these Press Fit only ?

      If these are PF only then I may have to check out the new SRAM DUB cranks.

      Any info would help.

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      From everything I have read, 30mm should be 30mm. I would have thought it would have worked fine.

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        Yes, as did I, but when I tried to slide the BB cup onto the spindle it stopped right at the bearing.  I know it is a tight tolerance, but it should slide right on, not bind at the bearing.

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      Just an update to put this thread to rest:

      When I first tried to put the spindle through the bearing I was holding each in my hands which was not very stable.  So I tried again after first threading the external bearings onto the bike and then carefully tapping the crank arm and spindle into the bearing using a mallet.  After over-coming the initial resistance, it slide right through both bearings and out the other side without a problem except for the fact that the spindle is too short for use with external bearings, which I knew this may be a possibility, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I could not use my current carbon crankset on the new bike in the interest of saving money.

      So now I either wait for the SRAM dub system to be available or go with a current model SRAM or Raceface alloy crankset.

      decisions, decisions….

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      How often do you change and swap cranks?  The Dub system is nice in principle but I wouldn’t wait for it to come out.  FSA has had a similar system (modular) for the last two years as well, you could contact them.

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        I guess I am looking into this too much…the dub system would be nice, but your right, Mark, I wouldn’t be changing the cranks/bb very often, so it is probably best not to worry about.


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