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      Probably should’ve posted earlier about this, but me and the crew will be headed Up Nort later today. I’ve got a day of work to get thru yet, so there’s a small window for discussion. I’m very excited to be headed to CH for the first time. Just wondering if there are any “must ride” or “must do’s” while up there. How was your experience?


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      I’ve been up there a few times, and it is fantastic! You can ride all of the trails in a long weekend no problem, but you’ll want to ride a couple of them over and over (Flow and Downtown are a blast). Go to the top of Brockway mountain at night and you may see the northern lights. Definitely hike the coast just east of town, Macdonald Preserve I think it’s called. Brickside is awesome, but don’t expect any excellent food while you’re in town except for ice cream at country village.

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      Awesome! Thanks for the tips on the northern lights!

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