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      Novice question here, I know, but is there a site or guide which can help me to understand what’s compatible with what (SRAM shifters with Shimano derailleur… can I put disc brakes on my present wheels… etc., etc.) I appreciate the help.

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      Another new guy here so this is like the blind leading the blind – though there is some good info on Sheldon Brown’s site if you dig around.

      I’m a bit north of you right up 95 (in Roanoke Rapids ) but maybe we could hook up to ride some time on neutral turf (Raleigh maybe – about a 1.5hr drive for me).

      Good luck on your search for info.

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      You could possibly just ask some of your questions right on the forum. It just adds to the conversation.

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      Jason and spaz, I appreciate the help. I suspect I’ll end up following both of your advice… and when all else fails going back to the bike shop again… and again… and…. Again, thanks.

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