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      Hello is me again.

      During my search online for MTB stuffs I came across several places that offer MTB clinics, any suggestion or ideas? Is this a good thing or I am going to be giving my money away?

      Thanks again.

      Have a nice evening everyone.

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      i dont know what part of the country you live in, but if you were looking into doing a clinic i would suggest signing up for one of the clinics, ive never done one of those clinics, but i hear good things about that one from people i know that have gone and done one of thier clinics.

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      I live in South Florida and yes I saw that site already and they have some interesting stuffs.

      The one I was thinking about is one in California called BikeSkills, they have pretty good trainers (based on their accomplishments) you might be wondering why in hell I am going to go to CA if I live on the East coast, the thing is that because of my job I go to CA quite often, so I want to take that chance and maybe go to one of those clinics.


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      Hello Chilipepper.

      Well, YES I already talked to some of the guys that go to the trail and picked their brain in a couple of things, my next step is to see who can be with me while I ride because I already had a couple of accidents and got lost once LOL and I really don’t want to make a fun experience all stressful, I still have some pain on my right shoulder from my first accident, my left calf looks like a tiger almost killed me because I flew over the handlebar and somehow the pedal got me and I really don’t want to get hurt and be by myself, the getting lost I don’t care, the trail is right next to the expressway so worst case all I have to do is go to the expressway and call my wife ( little secret, that is what I did last time, I told my friends that I actually rode the trail ‘till the end I don’t think they believed me LOL)

      Anyway, thanks for your reply and if any of those friends of yours are from South Florida let me know, I would love to meet any of them. I am a good listener and probably a better questioner if that is a word lol
      Have a nice evening.

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