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      Hello to everyone, I got into MTB about a year ago and have been riding on a hardtail. I want to get a full suspension and have approx 2500 to spend. I was thinking of purchasing the DB Mission 2 for 2600 (link below). Any have any advice on purchasing bikes or better options for the price than the DB mission 2?


      Thank you all!!!

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      Seems like moving from a hardtail with a likely 100mm travel to a 160mm travel bike is a bit of a leap.  You sure you want such a big bike?  Might be worth hitting up a demo event in your area – maybe outerbike or other mountain bike festival to get a taste of what is out there. Depending on how far you like to ride and what type of terrain, you might be happier with a 100-150mm bike like a specialized camber, trek fuel ex, giant anthem or trance, db clutch, santa cruz tallboy or similar.  I had a hardtail for a few months and switched to a 100mm 2012 Giant Anthem.  The rear suspension makes a world of difference.

      Consider buying used.  Putting $2000 into a used bike will get you a very nice bike, where $2500 new will get you one step up from bottom of the line in most cases.  Hope this helps 🙂

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      The bike seems to have a good build kit, and if it fits the riding you do all should be well.
      Mr. Greene is correct that you can find some lightly used higher end bikes at that price used, at least in my area of the country anyway.
      The 2018 models will be coming out soon also, if you can hold out for a discounted 2017. I just picked up a 25% off Transition bike from my LBS.
      Good luck in whatever path you go.

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      Research, research, research and then research some more. Once you have a better idea of what you think you want:

      1) Check out your local Craigslist

      2) Check out what’s available on Pinkbike dot com, I’ve bought and sold numerous bikes on there

      3) Check Bikes Direct. I’ve never bought anything there but plenty of people are happy with their purchase

      4) If you can’t fine a leftover at a local shop, check out direct to consumer bikes like Fezzari, Bulls and Canyon (last 2 might not be in US when you buy)

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      I had the same dilemma earlier this year and finally settled on a Cube 140 62 Race and have been delighted. So much better than my old hardtail. Worth sourcing last year’s model, it saved me£800????

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      Check out the Ghost Kato FS Series. Lots of bike for the price. I just picked up the Kato FS 3 and love it. They are on sale right now for July 4th! Here’s the link…

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      Your $2500 budget will go 2-3x further if you shop the used market on MTBR or PinkBike. I just saw a 2015 Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon got for $3500 with an Elevensix shock,  PUSH fork, 1x drivetrain, Formula brakes, in amazing condition. I’m bummed I didn’t buy it just to keep it as a spare.

      Amazing deals pop up quite often. Go demo at least the different tire sizes (26/650b/29) so you know what setup you like best, and then troll the classifieds.

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