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      Lake Chabot, great park, some fire trails but that is it. That is all there is around here! U try building any jump, trail, etc. and the next day you come back and it has been demolished. They bring bob cats, and trucks down there with whole crews just to demolish what you worked hard for, and it was all just to have some fun!

      I think that trail building should be something you can just do, anywhere. If you get hurt, lost, that is on you, not on the park! Now you have to be extra careful where you build, and go top secret places way out of the way. Please comment on what your stand is on this situation.


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      Welcome to mountain biking.  Hope you enjoy your 16th birthday soon.



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      What if there was a system where you could propose a trail… and then get permission and then there you go. The problem is all those anti mountain biker people..



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      You can always do this on your own private property. If you don’t have enough land, make friends with someone who does. 🙂

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