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      Howdy Mates!

      I’m on my way back from Iraq, and I am looking at doing some upgrades to my trusty bike. It has all top shelf kit, all save for the brakes. The brakes are the only thing on the bike that is mediocre at best.

      I built this bike back in 2005, when I kept breaking my old Stumpy FSR Frame. The rep hooked me up with this S-Works frame, and I added all the bits to make it a hell of a good ride.

      Here’s the specs:

      2005 S-Works FSR 120 frameset
      XTR front deraileur
      XTR crankset
      SHIMANO DURA-ACE chain
      SRAM X.0 rear deraileur
      SRAM 990 Cassette
      Mavic CrossMax Disc XL wheelset
      SRAM X9 shifters
      Chris King headset
      Easton Monkey Lite Carbon riser bar
      Thompson stem
      Thompson seat post
      WTB Lazor Team saddle
      TIME ATAC Alum pedals
      Shimano Dura-Ace cables
      FOX TALAS RLC fork
      FOX Septune (Speicalized) Pro-Pedal rear shock

      Here’s the weak link:

      Shimano Deore Hydraulic brakes.

      I believe they are 160mm rotors, and mount directly to the Mavic rims.

      Any suggestions on a decent set of brakes for my bike?

      Here are a few pics…







      Thanks for the suggestions gang… my biggest concern is getting the right rotors that mate to the Mavic rims. I would like to go to a 180mm if possible.



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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      First and foremost…..Welcome back home brother!

      By looking at your pics, it looks like you have a 6 bolt mount rotor on your bike presently. You can always upgrade to the Avid Elixir CR which are top line fluid brakes, and much better than the renowned Avid Juicy 7’s. The only thing is, they only have the 185mm rotors instead of the 180mm. Some other superior fluid brakes are:

      Avid Juicy 7 (185mm rotor)
      Avid Juicy Ultimate (185mm rotor)
      Hayes Stroker Series (180mm rotor)
      Hayes 9 (180mm rotor)

      The hayes Stroker series are real top line fluid brakes as well which consist of either the Stroker Ace, Strker Ryde, or the Stroker Trail. The Stroker Ace being the the best of the three. I have Hayes 9, Hayes Stroker Ace, and the Avid Elixir and they are all exceptional fluid brakes with great adjust-ability and modulation. Anyways, I wish you the best luck bro!

      Keep it real and ride hard!

      Thanks CP!

      You know, I was just looking at the Avid Elixr brakes… but I was wondering if the rotors would need me to use an adapter for the caliper or not. Brakes are something I’m not very well versed on. Mine are indeed six bolt rotors, so the Avid rotors will bolt on… I’m just worried about caliper clearance.

      Thanks millions!!!


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      Heck you can’t go wrong with any of the mentioned brakes. I love my Stroker Ace’s but I also like my Stroker Grams just as much..They just don’t have as much power as the Aces. Both brakes if you choose have the fluid swapped out to a DOT 5.1 and they will modulate as good or better than any brake system out there. Now saying that The Elixers are good as well. Same as the Formula theone. Lots of choices all good. For rotor size if your just doing XC or a bit more than 6 are fine however if you find yourself wanting to do steeper decents then 7 or 8 in front and a 6 in back.


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      I have the Avid Elixir R’s with 185mm rotors. I mounted them to my 2005 Fisher Tassjara and they fit with nothing needed that wasn’t in the box. And I have to say that they are awesome brakes. 😼

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      I’ll have to defer to the experts on the brakes question, but wanted to know if Spidey accompanies you on all of your rides.

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