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      Hey everyone,

      Quick question on disc brake rotors. The rotors on my son’s bike are 160-24 and 180-24. No issues on the diameter (first number) but what does the number that follows the hyphen mean (24)?

      Never noticed it before but my gravel bike has 160-35 and only the diameter is stamped on my MTB rotors.


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      As far as I can tell that’s a number that Tektro uses for their product designations; other brands don’t seem to use it. But now I’m curious to know for sure!

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      Hi juswalk,

      I may be a few years late in seeing your question and answering it.  In case you never got an answer and are still curious, I may have an answer for you and anyone else who is asking the same thing.  I have been shopping around for Tektro brake rotors recently.  As you mentioned before, the first number in the Tektro brake rotor part number is the diameter of the rotor in millimeters.  The second number of the part number is Tektro’s own code for the type of brake rotor.  From shopping around, I figured out that the “24” means that the rotor is made to be installed with single piston brake calipers.  “52” (i.e., 180-52) means the rotor is made to be installed with two piston brake calipers.  “35” means that the rotor has a Center Lock type of hub instead of the standard 6 bolts for mounting onto the wheel.  I hope that answers your question.

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