Blankets creek in Georgia worth a 13 hour drive one way?

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      Hi everyone, just joined this forum today. I am from Staten Island NY, usually ride six mile run or allaire state park both in NJ. Just took a trip up to kingdom trails in Vermont which is a 6 hour drive each way. Definitely was worth the trip as we also rode Burke mountain. I really would like to go to blankets creek as it is one of the highest rated (besides traveling across the country to Colorado) do you think it’s worth taking the trip? Thanks in advance!

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      TBH, Blankets Creek is not worth the trip from NY. If you decide to head down south, I recommend Pisgah and/or Dupont in North Carolina.

      “Pisgah Y’all!” Marin Mountain Bikers Get Snob-Checked in Appalachia

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      There are a lot of destination trails here, but IMHO, Blankets Creek is not one of them. After a couple rides, it doesn’t warrant 1 1/2 hour each way for me.

      There are, however, a huge number of networks that are worth the trip if you head down here. Jeff mentioned the big ones and you can turn Dupont/Pisgah into a bed & breakfast/trail ride vacation deal even. Once you’re down here, you can also ride Tsali, Tanasi, Chilhowee, Pinhoti and a few more.

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      Blankets is a great trail for what it is: convenient, not too physically demanding, and full of variety for riders of all skill levels. I think the fact that it’s so close to a major metro area is what keeps it near the top of our list.

      However, Rope Mill, literally just a couple miles from Blankets Creek, seems to be gaining momentum lately. I would guess there are some days more people ride Rope Mill than Blankets Creek! But like Blankets Creek, Rope Mill isn’t a destination trail for those outside the region. Hit any of the trails schwim mentioned and it’ll be worth the trip.

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      ive never riden there but i would say way to far away

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      I don’t think you need to drive that far to get singletrack of that quality or reputation.  Certainly Pisgah is the standard bearer in the eastern half of the US and closer than Georgia.

      Even closer to home — maybe not quite Pisgah in stature, there are lots of options that would put you in a drive time comparable to your Vermont trip.
      In Pennsylvania, look up Allegrippis trails.  Penn also has some great state forests/parks if you like rocky stuff.  Check out Nockamixon and Rothrock.

      In West Virginia, look up CVI trails.  The Davis area also has other worthy options nearby.  Less driving means more time to explore great new trails!

      A little further, but still closer than Pisgah and way closer than Georgia, Virginia has some very highly touted routes, including Carvin’s Cove, Douthat State Park, Dragon’s Back, and Angler’s Ridge


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      I agree with the other recommendations. I consider Blankets Creek my “home” trail (live 15 min away and typically ride there at least once or twice a week) and it’s a really great place to ride in the metro Atlanta area, but personally think the great ratings are due to the fact that it’s a quality trail within reach of a large metropolitan area.

      Not knocking Blankets Creek and super thankful to have such a solid local trail, but definitely wouldn’t make that drive. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta defiantly worth venturing to check it out.

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      I drove a little over three hours to get there.  It was fun and worth the ride cause I was there on business.  I am not sure if it would have been worth it just for the ride.  I would not recommend a 13 drive for this trail.  If you have the time and the money and it is just on your bucket list make it happen.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Haven’t ridden Blankets Creek but can’t envision myself driving 13 hrs for only one trail. As Jeff said, many trails are very popular because of proximity to large cities. There’re many good trails near you that could be even better. All trails that John mentioned are worth riding. In addition to that there’re some good trails in New Jersey as well as Albany area. Little further is Ellicotville with very interesting trail network.</p>
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      You would be driving past A LOT of good trails to get to Blankets.

      MAYBE Mulberry Gap is worth the drive. I’ll have a report on that in a few weeks…

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