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      Hello! Anyone here from California? We will be visiting our relatives in California this coming September and we’re looking for some trail suggestions. I’ll be using my bike that I left there last year. It’s not really a branded one but it’s quite good on the road. My younger brother will be using his electric bike or unicycle. Whatever that is called. It’s actually look like this one here. So any suggestion of biking trails there where I can use my bike and the electric uni for my brother? Thanks. Also, we’re also open to have some chitchat so just message if you’d like to meet up. Cheers!

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      Cristo – that’s a very broad question for a very big state!

      California (as a state) has probably close to 1000 trails.  Depending upon where you are (NorCal, SoCal, Central Valley, etc.) you will have many choices.  Then (of course) it depends on your skill and equipment – you mention a road bike and the link you shared is an electric unicycle…?  I don’t know many (any…?) mountain bike trails that would be suitable for an electric unicycle.  You might just look at local parks near where you are visiting and stick to the paved bike paths.

      Having said that, if you are thinking some CA singletrack is still of interest, then you’ll have choices nearby I’m sure.

      Safe travels and enjoy sunny CA.  ; >

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        TRSmith99 – Location is Milpitas, CA. ^_^ Sorry, I’m not good at geography so I didn’t know that Cali is a very big state. Hahaha! I have my road bike and the uni is for my brother. He wants to tag along using that so I have to carefully choose parks or trails that can accommodate both.

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        Welcome to NorCal – the birth place of mountain biking!  ; >

        If you’re in Milpitas, there are a few paved trails  1.  Coyote Creek Trail and 2. Los Gatos Creek trail.

        If you’re up for fireroads (generally dirt/rocky road that is used for service/fire access), the list gets longer…   including 1.  Chabot Regional Park, 2.  Almaden Park, 3. Alum Rock,  and (I think) there is a park in Fremont with paved trails.

        If you are interested in Singletrack – the list gets much longer.

        I hope that helps!



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      I’m not sure if you are going to be riding Mountain Bike trails, but if so, what area are you in?  If its Northern Cali, let me know.

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        Our relatives are in Milpitas, CA. Mountain bike trail is an option if I can find one which is not too far from the area. Last year, we went to a lake for a camping. I forgot what it’s called, but we were able to bike around there as well.

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