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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi</p>
      I am a relatively new to mountain biking and I am also new to bike repair but not a total novice.

      I live in the UK and in school we have this thing called an Epq. It’s worth half an alevel and we have to make a project and then present it.

      I have chosen to make a bike repair stand but I need help to get ideas.

      Is it possible for any of you to contact me to share ideas. I will also need to inform you on what you are doing due to laws.

      This is my email address:">

      If I am breaking any of the forum rules then please inform me and I will act
      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Thank you</p>

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      What tools do you have access to?

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      Well I have quite a large access of tools such as power tools and a Milling machine, Lathe, Pillar drill and a couple of other things. I do also have a welding machine and a good welder. But he can not weld in stainless steel and aluminum I think. But if you have anything specific in mind then I can find out if I have access

      Also if anyone has any things that they look for in a bike work stand then please say.

      Also thank you for the response. I am new to this forum thing.


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      I suppose it depends on how tricky you want to get and how much money you want to spend then. If I was using a mill I would make the clamp head out of aluminum in a simple style (think basic park tool or others) basically two halves in a “vee” with an appropriate notch to clamp a tube. Use a piece of acme threaded rod and weld on a knob or lever to spin. The tricky and cool part would be to make a custom captured nut with a ball end so it applies the clamp evenly along with maybe a bolt on piece of steel for it to ride in to keep the aluminum from getting f-ed. Make the clamp head assembly bolt on to a nice steel frame which would also give the option of a bench mount. Done. Easy right?

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        Well that all sounds cool and the head/clamp has to be strong. I would have to see how much this would cost me. Also I need to consider the fact that this is also made with ‘other bikes’ such as the bike in my profile picture or a womens cruiser bike and more not normal bike frames.

        Thanks BBelfield for the idea.

        Would you agree for me to use what you said in my project?

        Also if you were to have someone make your dream bike work stand then what would you want it to have?

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      Most bikes can be clamped by the seat tube. Obviously not your trials bike but jaws can be made to open large enough to clamp the middle of the frame I would think. I own my (almost) ideal repair stand, it’s the feedback sports pro elite. That has the best clamp head I have used but it isn’t something I would try to replicate. There’s also a lot if different things I would want in a stand that I could hardmount vs a stand that is portable. As you can imagine you could put a lot of cool features into a fixed stand as it doesn’t have to be lightweight or compact. I assumed you are trying to build a traditional free-standing recreational type stand though. Use any ideas I put out freely.

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