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      So i have been cleaning my bike quite alot and trying to figure out if there are any shortcuts, that would make it easier?  i put a silicone spray on bike for protection that hopefully will let the mud and dirt slide off rather than be caked on and trying to scrub off.

      Also i have heard people putting stuff so the rear triangle doesnt get mucked up( see pic) i dont what its called that they put there but wanted to get the name of that piece.

      I was think of ideas with drive train. like can you put silicone spray on derailleur pulleys so you dont have to scrub after a few rides?

      Any tips and tricks appreciated.


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      I think maybe you’re referring to a mini rear fender? This one is specific to the Marin Wolf Ridge, but you get the idea.

      You can find “universal” ones that clip on. Ditto for the fork; a fender keeps dirt out of your eyes and off your down tube.

      Never heard of putting silicon spray on pulleys but it sounds like it might help. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. ­čÖé

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      thanks Jeff for the pic. i will have to send to my LBS and see what can fit my bike. as for the Pulleys it rained this morning and plan on going out tonight i will try the silicone spray to see if it helps.

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      Since 2015 I have used regular chain lube, dry or wet depending on the conditions I’m riding, only a few times a year. Other than that I use silicone spray on my chain and derailleur as lube on a weekly basis. And from my experience, I replace chains and components less often than I had to before, and less than the other people I ride with.

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      I feel like a silicone spray is not that enough. I saw this hack for your shoes that you can put a melted candle on your white sneakers for it to be waterproof but this would only work for white colored bikes. Not sure if this would be better than silicone.

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      Considering I spent thousands of dollars on my bike, I don’t mind taking 20-30 minutes every few rides to give it a cleaning. If you want to protect your frame, I’d suggest getting a clear frame protector sticker kit. But nothing takes care of a bike like good old-fashioned cleaning and maintenance. Taking shortcuts will only lead to shorter lifespan for your bike and its components.

      Finally, I don’t think applying candle wax to a bike is a good idea…I think it would look bad, melt in the hot sun and crack and flake in the cold…I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was damaging to the finish of the bike.

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      I never tried the candle technique I suggested but yeah I agree it might be damaging to the bike’s exterior.

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      I just want to say don’t neglect cleaning your bike. If you use it all the time, I mean, twice a day or more, it’s easier to clean and maintenance it once in 1-2 weeks (but it depends on the weather, of course).

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      I use Boston Soapworks stuff… works great…

      1) Clean/Rinse chain (Kerosene and brush)
      2) Clean Bike
      3) Wipe Chain
      4) Clean Wheels
      4) Polish Bike
      5) Warm up Chain (Quick ride or let the wheel spin freely on a stand)
      6) Lubricate Chain


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