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      The following link has the exact specs for my bike. I think it is a adequate frame for my newbie abilities. I felt the fork was way too soft and bouncy so I replaced that already. Got a great deal on a new 2010 Fox F-32 RLC fork. What other changes should I make that have the best bang for the buck?


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      Wheels and tires.

      Good lightweight, strong wheels make a huge difference in the feel and performance of the bike.

      Tires are a personally preference depending on riding style and conditions, but if you find a tire that really works well for you, it’s a big step up.

      I bought a used ’04 Rainier several years ago to strip it for parts. A nice hardtail for sure. It’s now reborn as a bike for my sister.

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      Don’t have the cash right now to buy new wheels but they will be next. Did buy new tires though and I am going to convert over to tubeless, or at least give it a try. Shop guys recommended a Maxis Ignitor in the rear and Maxxis Ardent in the front as a combination they had used and liked.

      What things could I replace that would save the most weight?

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      You could look into carbon handle bars and seat posts. There are usually some good deals on jensonusa and pricepoint.

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      This isn’t really the right spot for this question but it goes along with my bike rebuild. Like I said before, I am converting my wheels over to tubeless. They are Non-UST rims obviously. Can I put a UST tire on a Non-UST rim converted over with Stan’s Tubeless kit?

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      Here is a link to the stans kit,which I am seriously thinking about doing myself.You can use either a tubeless tire or a standard tire..I’d still carry a spare tube though for those sidewall tears that would take a genie to repair,hahaah.

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      I have the Stan’s kit. I am going to try it today. My question was putting a UST tire on a non-UST rim. Will it work? After learning a little more about what UST actually consists of I think it will still work. Anyone know for sure?

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      To answer your question of can a UST tire fit a regular rim is yes it can..

      Will it work 100% no.

      The beads are slighly different on the tire and a UST rim has a special profile to them that help lock the tires in place, preventing them from burping…So what it means is that if a UST tire is fitted on a UST rim there is a chance of the tire burping and releasing some pressure…By no means is that statement I made above a absolute statement, but it can happen…And it has twice happened to me..But that is me and I tend to push hard into corners..You may not…

      The Stan`s rim strips tend to take up a bit more space which helps lock in the tires a bit better.. So everything may be OK

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      I have run Ghetto-Tubeless several times. Where you get into trouble is highspeed cornering. The lateral pressure on the tire separates the bead from the rim. Then, you spew air and sealant all over. Also, you need to buy tires with thicker side walls. Paper thin XC race sidewalls aren’t quality candidates for tubeless tires. If you look at UST tires, they are heavier than their non-UST counter parts. If you feel them they have thicker sidewalls. By the time you get a tubeless tire doctored up, you’ll save little if any weight. Tubeless will save you from pinch-flats. I can run tubeless around 25psi if it was wet and slick without fear of pinching a tire. Even with thornproof tubes, I won’t dip below 35psi.

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