Beginner seeking help in picking a mountain bike.

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      Hello everyone . I’ve decided to invest in a mountain bike and I’m not very well educated in term of gear and cost efficiency of bikes . So I came here to ask some of you more experienced in this field for help . I’ve got three bikes that I think fit my needs as a beginner and I need your help to choose the best one . I realise it’s a lot about what style and type of biking you do or like to do , but as a beginner I guess I still have to find that out . So if you anyone could be so kind and help me with the three choices. I realise the specs aren’t in English but I guess you can figure out what is what . The first one is a Haro 26″ hardtail The second one is a Ghost And the final one

      They’re all pretty much in the same price range (let’s say give or take 20$ ) .

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      Of those three, I would probably weed out the Ghost as it is an 8-speed while the other two are 9-speed.

      Beyond that, it’s impossible to make a real choice based on the spec alone.  The bottom line is the best bike is the one you want to ride the most–which means at least taking a test ride to find out.  Do you have the opportunity to try them out?  They may feel different and you may find you have a real preference for one over the other.

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        Yeah , I actually do and I guess that’s the best option . I’ll try them out. Thanks a lot!

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      id go giant or specialized, giant is well worth the price (not cheap) but extremely good components and will last you a long time!

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