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      So it’s that time again. I’ve decided to replace or semi-retire my current ride and am shopping around for a new stead. I haven’t been able to find any real reviews on the bike I’m thinking of buying. I’m currently looking at this year’s Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro (the non-carbon fiber version of course since there is no way in hell I can swing close to 8 grand.) I’m just wondering if anyone has ridden one or has any general comments on Specialized. Thanks in advance.

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      I built one at the shop and rode it around for a little while , Seems to be real nice bike. the only thing you have to watch for is the suspetion bolts, the have been know to work thier way loose. The Brain is a pretty awsome shock!!! Go for it !

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      Sounds good.

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      Those Specialized bikes that use the Brain shock are indeed nice…. but it severely limits you if you want to upgrade your bike….. And I’ve also heard reports of the shock and mounting being damaged during falls to the left side, and a few from the “Brain” reservoir being snagged on the odd marauding branch.

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      just don’t fall 😃

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      Yeah I hope the durability is descent since I do have the tendency to use things heavily.

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      I bought my Specialized StumpJumper FSR a couple of months back…I love the bike, I don’t have the “brain”, but I love the Fox suspension. Very compliant when I unlock it. The only complaint I have has been when I fully lock out the rear shock. On steep, long climbs, I get a real quick “bounce”. Not like pedal bob, but a quick jolt. It’s really not a big problem because I have the shock in “Pro-Pedal” about 90% and fully opened for long descents. The front Fox Float RL’s are pretty nice. Some complain about “diving” under heavy braking. I don’t have problem with the way they feel during heavy braking because they respond similar to my YZ400F during heavy braking. I really like how they feel.

      Since you’re probably looking a bit higher end, I’ll just say I really like my Specialized and they seem to put together a pretty nice bike.

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      I test rode one, but with no intention of buying (as displayed by me GF Wahoo). Its sooooo nice! perfect bike (except for that gay seat post. Doesnt drop enough for me).

      I’d go for it.

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