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      Hello all,

      I’m a bit new to mtb. Bought my first brand new bike recently. I got a Trek Marlin 7. Figured I’d invest now rather than getting a cheaper bike to start out. I love the bike and the way it handles. Worth the $ to me. Anyways, I live in the Volusia county area in FL. I’ll be moving to the Memphis area around May/June. Any beginner/intermediate trails that are a MUST to check out?


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      Hi Margie,

      I would definitely check out our trail database to see what will be in that area that we have listed. Then I would also look into finding a local bike club in that area and see if they can point you in the right direction or even offer club rides.

      Sorry that nobody responded sooner.

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      Welcome! Like Devin pointed out the trails section is a great tool for finding trails, there is also a phone app now that I find helpful. The trails also have reviews and ratings for different difficulty so that should help you pick. I hope the Trek treats you well, being from Wisconsin I’m a fan of Trek bikes 😃

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      Welcome! Sometimes it’s good to check out the bike shops in the area as they may know of trails that are not posted on here. Or yet for that matter. 😃 Enjoy the trails!

      Take care,

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