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      2015 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp EVO Review
      I am a 68 year old male 185 at 5-9. Been MTB since 1990. I ride mostly in the North Lake Tahoe Region, near Tahoe City and Truckee, Calif. I also ride in the Folsom Lake area of Calif. I am not a bike techy so I do not go too far down the road on componentry, but like stuff that works and works well, under demanding conditions.

      I ride everything, with some fear limitations, from fast on rolling cruiser fire roads to fairly steep and technical single tracks, not so fast. Some are very technical and twisty.

      I did a lot of research before buying my new MTB especially weighing 29er vs 650B (27.5).
      I have been riding a 26 Specialized S Works Enduro FSR for 7 years and have enjoyed the ride. My budget was under $4000.

      I test rode a number of bikes, mostly on the street, jumping curbs and climbing. I never felt that different on a 650B than on my 26, a little more able to go over stuff, but no great shakes.

      The 29er, even on the street felt totally different. You could really feel more comfortable going down stairs and just going straight at a curb with no issues.

      I finally had narrowed down my search to the Scott Genius , Trek Remedy and the Stumpjumper Comp.

      I talked to my LBS in Tahoe City, Ca, Olympic Bike. John and Peter spent loads of time discussing the pros and cons of 29 v 650B.

      Peter had talked to me a few weeks earlier had recommended the EVO, saying it fit in the type of the terrain we had in the area and my type of riding.

      So I finally get a chance to go there and see their stock. John shows me a really good deal on a 2014 Comp, not EVO. He says the difference mostly between the two is geometry and the rake of the front wheel. I should try them both.

      I took out a demo 29er comp and ride a section of a single track that is not steep but is very rocky and twisty. I take it to what I would normally, on my 26, have to pick my way thru the rocks and roots, and tentative about it, no problem you just go right over everything. No line just make one. WOW.

      I rode thru that section faster than I ever have, much less effort and no issues with quick turns
      I finished that section and knew right then, this was the bike.[

      So I go back to the shop and I am happy, not only I have I found a great bike but I get a great deal on a 2014 model.

      Oops, the first part was right the bike was great, but they had inadvertently put me on the EVO instead of the Comp. Not as great a deal $$ wise but the EVO was it.

      I have ridden the bike on a number of trails in Marin, China camp, which has some tech, but mostly twisty trails, great climbing 2×10 works great.

      Did some minor tweaks and rode Folsom Lake, much more tech, handled much better than my 26 ad was much more stable.

      Pros so far, everything, even the trigger shifters work as well or better than the XTR on my 26.

      ]The only cons so far are, the drop seat that comes with the EVO is only 3 position, where I had the Rock Shox Reverb, multi on the 26. So I am switching it to the 29er.

      The brakes levers feel a little soft, but that may be an adjustment. Brakes work great.

      One last comment. As I stated earlier, I started riding in 1990, mostly with SPD pedals. Two years ago I bought the Teva flat Pedal Shoes and the Tru-Vativ Flat Pedal. I liked the idea of getting my foot off quickly, which I could do somewhat with the SPD, but I never felt great climbing with them, felt like I was slipping off.

      With the new bike, I was given, as part of the purchase, a pair of Specialized Flat Pedals. I hadn’t really ridden the bike yet with the Teva’s, as I was debating to go back to SPD.

      The first climb I did with the Spesh Pedals and the Tevas, convinced me, the Pedals were the problem. Now I can climb with confidence even through technical terrain.
      I will be riding in Tahoe in the next few weeks and will give an updated review.

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      Friday May 26th, finally got to ride some trails in Tahoe, weather has been crappy since I last posted.

      I rode from the The Nordic Center thru Antoine Meadows down the Whoopy Doos back to the single track trail I mentioned above.

      I do not use Strava and being my first ride in Tahoe at 6000 feet of any distance I expected to be a lot slower and sluggish.

      Contrary to that thinking, I rode, I feel faster, smoother and less hesitation on semi- technical and rougher sections than I ever have before.

      Going down the Whoops, was fast and except for one spot where I forgot to drop the seat, I had no feeling of possibly pushing too hard and going over the bars, which was more prevalent in my Enduro 26.

      I absolutely felt a wow factor that I have not really felt for a long time on a bike.

      I rode over the log bypass as if it was not even there, something I did very causiously in the past if at all.

      The only thing I did not especially like, probably because I am spoiled with having used one for a few years, was the Command Post seat dropper vs. the RockShox Reverb

      So with a minor hole enlargement in the frame, I am installing the Reverb.

      The pedal issues I mentioned before are working really well, the combo of Specialized flat pedal and he Teva shoes worked great in all climbs and decents.

      The bike is equipped with the Spesh Butcher 29, friends have looked at the Slaughter rear tire and asked how it works, it worked fine on the fairly firm conditions I rode today. My LBS says when the trails get soft and dusty I should use the Butcher front but change to the Spesh Purgatory rear.

      Overall I am really pleased with my choice.

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