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      Hi Everyone

      I’m looking to swap out my tyres, currently on 2.6″ wide specialised slaughter/eliminator which measure 2.4″ actual. I like how these feel in terms of stability, precision, rr and compliance.

      I’ve also used 2.6″ Bontrager tyres in the past but found them sensitive to pressure and bouncy at pressures where they didn’t squirm.

      I want to try Schwalbe tyres as I’ve never used them before. I’m trying to decide on tyre widths.

      Does anyone have any experience riding both the 2.35 MM/RoRa or MM/NoNi addix SS vs the 2.6 addix SS apex? I just can’t decide between the two sizes. What was gained/lost between the two sizes?

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      Have not tried any of those, but right now I’m running 2.6 both Butcher Grid/Purgatory Grid. Was running stock before, these make a pretty huge difference to me.

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      Why not one of each? 2.35 rear for efficiency and frame clearance and 2.6 front for extra grip. I’m on 2.4s and frame clearance is an issue, especially when my wheel was out of true.

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      Seems to be the trend now, wider up front, I’m thinking going 2.5 front/2.4 rear Maxxis DHF/DHR II Minion 3c/exo.

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      I’m currently using 29×2.6 Maxxis Minion DHR2 3c EXO+ TR both front and rear.  The EXO+ adds a bit of weight but hopefully will make the casing less likely to tear or flat.  However,  DHR’s are lighter than DHF’s.  So I saved a little weight putting the DHR on the front.   Using DHR’s on the front is a pretty common.  The new Santa Cruz Hightower comes with DHR’s both front and rear.  I like having both tires be identical.  That way I can switch the front tire to the rear when the rear wears out first, which it always does.  That way I keep the newest and therefore most grippy tire on the front.  I also prefer the increased traction, flotation, and rollover of the wider and taller 2.6-2.8 tires.  I also got these tires for 42% off the list price by buying online.  With tax, these tires would have cost $99 each at my local bike shop.

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      I’m currently running the speciailzed combo in 2.6 and I like the feel of them, just want something different. They actually measure a touch over 2.4″ which is what has got me confused. I’f I’m happy with the feel of my current tyres (marked 2.6 but actual 2.4) should I be looking at ~2.4″ tyres or 2.6″ tyres as a replacement to keep a similar feel?

      My bikes a mullet so I would want to keep the same tyre width front to back.

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        Your 2.6″ tires measure 2.4″ because of your rim width.  If you want 2.6″ tires on the bike (not just in name), you will need a wider rim.  Maybe 5mm wider.

        I’d hazard a guess and say the 2.35″ tires will not be much narrower than the 2.6″ tires when mounted on your rims.  The main difference will be the 2.6″ tires mounted will be taller (larger diameter) than the 2.35″ tires.

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      Very few tires are actually the width printed on the sidewall.  In my experience, most tires are 0.1 inches narrower then they are labeled.  So a 2.6 tire is really only a 2.5.  In addition, the tire will only reach it’s full width if put on the right rim width.  Most 2.6 tires are designed for inner width i35mm rims.  If you put 2.6 tires on i30 rims (which I’m guessing is the rim width your bike has) they get a bit narrower.  Considering both these factors, that’s why a 2.6 tire ends up being a 2.4 when you actually measure it.  If you want to keep the same feel, stay with 2.6.  Nearly every brands tires run narrow.  Even when mounted to the right rim, almost never does a tire end up being wider or even true to size according to the labeling.


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      Yes agree however I’m, comparing Bontrager, Maxxis and Sepcialized on the same width rims (i30), all of them supposedly 2.6″ wide.

      The Bontrager actually measure 66mm so pretty much spot on. The maxxis not far off, 65mm. The Spec however measures 61mm. The same is true of the rear tyre also.

      So this is my question. I hated the feel of the Bontrager tyres, didn’t care much for the maxxis, but like the feel of the spec @61mm. According to quite a few internet reports most Schwalbe 3.25″ tyres actually measure ~60-62mm. Would I be better off with those or 2.6″ Schwalbe with the apex casings?

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      Too many variables to know for sure (i.e. tread design, weight, compound, pressure you’re running, etc).  Plus, you have to consider those specs within the context of the trails you ride and how you ride them.  But don’t overthink it.  Sounds like you’ve already determined that you prefer something in that 60-62mm measured width (ignore what the stated width is).  Narrow your options from there with a tire that is designed for the trails you ride.  Purchase.  Mount.  Inflate. Shred.

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        Thanks I think ‘ignore the stated width’ and go by actual is the guidance I’m looking for.


        Purchased now I wait for delivery. Thanks again

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        1 Down.  3 to go.  😉

        Purchase.  Mount.  Inflate.  Shred.

        It would be interesting to hear your feedback after you have some ride time on the new rubber.

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        Incorrect 4 to go lol

        Purchase, Receive, Mount, Inflate, Shred

        Hopefully I’ll be too lost in shredding heaven to remember to post hahahahaha. Just kidding I’ll post my thoughts.

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      Updating this with initial impressions.

      I ended up mounting a 29×2.35 MM and a 27.5×2.35 HD both on soft.

      Measuring them up them came within 1mm of the old Spec 2.6″ tyres. Overall they are lighter and roll much better.

      First ride out I wasn’t 100% comfortable as I had the pressures up a little higher than in the spec. Lowered them on the next 2 rides and I can’t be happier with the results. I’m glad I stuck with ‘normal’ width tyres in this instance. I have since PRd several climbs and downhill sections locally so the ‘narrower’ tyres don’t seem to have had a negative affect.

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        Glad you like them, happy riding.

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        @crembz  Very cool.  Some people believe wider is better but my experience is very much consistent with yours.  Faster up and down.  It all comes down to personal preference about what works best for you.

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      Glad you like the new Schwalbe tires – will you keep us updated on how they wear?  Also, where do you ride?

      Specialized tires have been very good to me over the past 10 years, but a 2.1 is all that will fit in the rear of my current bike – Ibis Mojo SL-R converted to 27.5″ wheels.  I’ve been pretty happy with the Ground Control Grid in that size, but I wore out the tread in about 500 miles on the Front Range of Colorado.  I really wanted to try a Schwalbe Rocket Ron, but stuck with the Ground Control.  In the end, I couldn’t justify spending 50% more for a tire that probably wouldn’t last as long.

      If you like the Hans Dampf/Magic Mary that much more than the Slaughter/Eliminator then I may have to give Schwalbe a try.  I am very interested to hear how they hold up.

      Also, what kind of mullet are you on?  Did you ride it long as a full 27.5?





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        Hey mate,

        Yeah I’ve been riding the mullet all along. I have one mullet 29er and another mullet 27.5. I rode a 29er for about 400kms the 27.5 for about half of that before converting them.

        I ride in Victoria, two main areas, one is an XC style track with a few blacks and a commonwealth games competition track. This is mainly hardpack, rooty, loose over hard. The other is more aggressive downhills, blue/black/double with long steep fire road climbs between them. That is mainly rocky, loose over hard. 100kms in and the tyres are holding up fine so far. I tried a nobby nic on the rear instead of the hans, can’t say I’m a fan of that tyre tbh.

        Locally Schwalbe are about the same price as the Spec grids which makes the decision pretty easy. If you like spec grids and they’re heaps cheaper, I’d probably go with a butcher purg combo, I much prefer that over the Eliminator.

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        Just an update on wear.


        Have ridden about 110kms on the tyre now and I certainly won’t be going back to spec tyres unless they were considerably cheaper.


        Both the MM and HD have performed real well, and the wear is inline with most other tyres I’ve used. on the back of the hardtail they are certainly wearing a lot better than my previous spec purgatory.

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        Very cool.  Sounds like you’re still working on #5 😉

        PurchaseReceive, Mount, Inflate, Shred

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      Thanks for the update.  Glad to hear the Schwalbe tires are working out.

      It looks like Specialized is discontinuing the 27.5 x 2.1 Ground Control.  I guess a Rocket Ron or a upgrading to a new bike is in my future.



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