Re: Long Slump


I’m with ya on that FB! I put on almost 100 lbs. before getting back on the bike! in the past 2 years I have been able to take and keep off 45 of them. When I sold my old GT years ago and decided that drinking was way more important that my physical condition, it just didnt seem to matter much! Now, 34, I have a renewed love of biking, and my wife is very cooperative of letting me out! Its harder to do now, with a baby at home, but, you just have to want it. My main reason, was watching "Biggest Loser" and seeing people with young children and doing nothing to interact with them! Soon as we found out that a baby was on the way, I told my wife, I’m getting a bike again. Best part is now she wants to start riding! She sees how amped I am after a good ride and want that for herself too! Lucky for her, she lost all the baby weight right away and doesnt have all extra weight to lug along on the trail that I do!