Reply To: looking for anfull sus, asking for advice.



Ok, here’s my 2 cents (or pence?):   If you start to enjoy biking like most of us, your inexpensive bike will soon be inadequate and you will spend every dollar on more parts as most of us do.  I now have $15,000 worth of bikes in my garage and just ordered some more parts today.  It’s like an addiction. I would recommend you get a used bike online and then start saving for the real deal when you know what it is.

I will make you a great offer though.  If you wish to come to the states I will sell you my almost new 2019 Giant Trance 2 for $1000, just to be a good neighbor.   Depending on ticket prices, you may get close to your budget (except, uh, shipping costs).   On second thought, I will ship it to you if you like.

Not a scam, BTW.