looking for anfull sus, asking for advice.


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      so, I am looking at getting a full sus for trail riding, down hill, basically the works. Problem, my budget is restricted, £1100 – £1500. what is the best bang for my buck? Rockrider seems to offer a good deal as does the Bossnut from Calibre, are there any others in the ballpark? Is the ’nut significantly better than the RR? is the RR worth a punt?
      or is it a pile of fetid dingoes kidneys?

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      looks like I need to proof read a bit better too

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      I don’t know how to convert pounds to dollars but the new 2020 $2100 Trek Fuel EX 5 wins my vote for best full-sus budget bike.

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      that is currently about double my budget, thanks for the advice though, will have a look at my options.

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      You could look into some of the Rocky Mountain bikes. They have ok quality for what they charge .

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      Giant Trance at $2100 it also a good bike, and it comes in 27.5 or 29.

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      If $2100 is double your budget and you want full suspension you should look for a used bike. I don’t know of any full suspension worth buying new for $1K but you could get a decent hard tail for that much.

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      im sure ill get flamed for this, but look at motobecane bikes from bikesdirect.com youre not going to get the BEST bike for $1,000 but even if you could, you wouldn’t fully appreciate the qualities of a bike of that level.  Happy shopping!

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      If is your budget is £1100 – £1500 that’s equivalent to $1400 – $1900 USD.

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      if you are looking for a capable full suspension mountain bike that would stretch your budget a little less, the Vitus Somnet VR is selling for 2100 pounds

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      You aren’t giving much information about the kind of riding you are going to do. I will assume it will be trail riding, I think that is most common. I can’t claim to know anything about full suspension bikes, as I have only ridden one once at a demo (and it was something like $6,000). But I do cruise the web.

      If you are in the UK, based on your use of pounds, you can go check out the Bossnut at Go Outdoors. You may have a hard time finding other bikes in your price range at LBS. Other bike companies that sell bikes similar to the Bossnut include Marin and Polygon (single pivot suspension). They have full suspension with around 120mm of travel in your price range. Other options can be found at chainreactionsycles.com but you won’t be able to sit on them and see how they fit you and sizes may be limited on the heavily discounted bikes.

      The best looking deal to me is on a pre-order at wiggle.com (wiggle.co.uk) for the new Vitus Mythique VRS for £1,449.99. Includes choice of wheel size, uses a 4-bar suspension. It has affordable but useful components (based on no personal experience).

      Happy shopping. Report back.

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      Ok, here’s my 2 cents (or pence?):   If you start to enjoy biking like most of us, your inexpensive bike will soon be inadequate and you will spend every dollar on more parts as most of us do.  I now have $15,000 worth of bikes in my garage and just ordered some more parts today.  It’s like an addiction. I would recommend you get a used bike online and then start saving for the real deal when you know what it is.

      I will make you a great offer though.  If you wish to come to the states I will sell you my almost new 2019 Giant Trance 2 for $1000, just to be a good neighbor.   Depending on ticket prices, you may get close to your budget (except, uh, shipping costs).   On second thought, I will ship it to you if you like.

      Not a scam, BTW.

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