Re: Cable routing question

"schwim" wrote

Well, my next closest shop is almost two hours away, so there’s not much shopping around to do in that regard. I usually handle my own repairs but lacked some necessary tools for the parts move-over, so I’ll just be happy that I got it done. I ordered some of these and will see how it works. Kind of a shot in the dark, but I can’t find diddly on this frame specifically.

Those that you ordered from amazon are indeed necessary, but I’m concerned they won’t fully solve the problem. They’ll allow you to remove the zip ties at either end, but I imagine the one in the middle will still be needed to prevent drift. -kconnor- was spot on with his suggestion of these. You don’t have to go with that brand, or buy from pricepoint, but a lot of bikes come with those out of the box. The adhesive will prevent drift, and keep that ziptie on it (or near it) because it will fall off after time.

For the record, zipties are common in good shops on good bikes, and not jenky. Forks in particular over the last decade often have had no guides for hydraulic lines. Simple fix.