Re: Any decent women’s 100oz hydration packs?


I really like the Osprey because it is slimmer in overall size, this is my anytime pack and there is sufficient storage space for most 3+ hr rides (assuming she’s carrying basic stuff – 1-2 extra clothing layers, some food, pump & tube, phone, etc.). the magnetic valve holder is a nice feature, but even better is the gel pocket on the strap!

I think some of the newer Camelbaks have been slimmed down too (wouldnt hurt to check out the weights on the new agent & luxe models for comparison sake), but like maddslacker’s wife I only use the Luxe when I tote around my big camera. try to avoid the extra bulk if you/she can, the bigger bags can trap a lot of heat on your back too.

happy riding!

"dgaddis" wrote

[quote="mtbgreg1":2a8euc08]Will a smaller men’s pack not work?

Men and women have pretty different anatomy, I could see the ladies needing different strap shapes 😃

Here’s one reviewed by mudhunny recently: … ck-review/

And here’s an older one: … xe-review/[/quote:2a8euc08]