With Discovery Channel Backing, Enduro World Series gets Closer to Live Streaming

EWS Finale 2020
Photo: Gerow

The Enduro World Series and EWS-E are partnering with Discovery Inc to “revolutionize the coverage of the sport.” Discovery Inc is home to Eurosport and Play Sports Group and has invested in the EWS and EWS-E. In a press release, the EWS says this is a big step forward for the race organization, which usually relies on post-event photo coverage and video coverage via YouTube.

The EWS says the partnership will help them on the journey toward live production, which has been in demand since the beginning of the series’ start in 2013.

“The integrity of sport and staying true to the culture of mountain biking and mountain bike racing have always been central to our mission,” said EWS director Chris Ball in a statement. “From the very first meeting I had with our new partners at Play Sports Group, it was clear that we had a deep and shared passion for the sport and a vision for developing cutting-edge and worldwide broadcast technologies.”

Andrew Georgiou, the president of Eurosport and Global Sports Rights and Sports Marketing Services, added “Discovery and its leading sports media brands have long been the Home of Cycling. Our investment in EWS fits nicely with that positioning and adds to our growing events business. EWS will be able to tap into Discovery’s global network and 360° offer that can help grow a sport both commercially and in terms of audience. We’re looking forward to bringing our commercial expertise, technology and distribution networks to scale the EWS product further.”

These are the only details provided in the press release by the EWS. We shall see what the partnership and vision actually means in the coming months… or years.