The Red Rider HAF Race is Called ‘North America’s Toughest MTB Race’ and The Stages are Massive

Stage races already require a devout level of fitness. The Red Rider HAF (we’ll let you guess the abbreviation) takes that level and kicks it up about four or five notches. We received news about the race in our inbox, and the stages look outright daunting, so we thought we’d share it with everyone else.

The race starts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on July 22 and is three days long, with registration only available to expert/Cat 2 racers and above. Each day is 50-70 miles long, and no, it’s not intended for dirt roadies. “Mountain bikers are encouraged, road and gravel bikers are welcomed,” reads the website. They aren’t requiring any race license for registration.

Day 2 elevation profile.

The routes have been designed by locals from boutique bike brand Moots, according to the race’s website. Day one starts off with 64 miles and 8,000 feet of climbing. Day two continues with 62 miles and another 8,000 feet of climbing. Day 3 ends with 47 miles and almost 7,000 feet of climbing. The mix for each day is about 2/3 trail and 1/3 gravel connectors. That makes for 173 miles of mountain biking over three days.

So, for those looking who couldn’t tell, it’s obviously a very advanced race, the idea being, “A small, boutique race where the field is fast, the number of entries small, and the course simply spectacular.” The race will be capped at 300 riders, costing $700 per rider or $1,400 per duo. That includes aid stations, a water bottle, aid bags, a hat, socks, a shirt, and meals.

That price will help keep the field small, and provide a unique experience, and the race will benefit local organizations like the Routt County Riders, Mountain Trail Axxess, and local search and rescue teams.

There’s more info about the race via the Red Rider website.

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