THE Flow Saddle Review

Introducing the 2010 THE Flow, a lightweight all-mountain/freeride saddle comfortable and tough enough for daily duty.


The Flow saddle retails for around $60 which is about average for a chromoly-railed seatpost. At 227 grams this saddle is as light as many titanium railed saddles, but much cheaper. The embossed graphics ensure the saddle still looks good after extended use while the kevlar side and back panels keep the leather from tearing. The Flow measures 257mm in length and 127mm in width, pretty standard dimensions for an all-mountain saddle.

The Ride

Overall Im quite satisfied with THEs Flow saddle. Although THE uses less padding than most companies, the shape and flex of the Flow make it comfortable. The chromoly rails are still straight after numerous days at Joyride150,my localbike park, and the graphics havent worn off or faded at all. This saddle is also narrow enough that it doesnt snag your leg as you maneuver the bike yet it doesn’t feel like riding a broomstick.

As an added bonus, installing a lightweight saddle like the THE Flow is an easy, inexpensive way to make your bike lighter. My bike lost over lb after I installed this saddle. Plus the Flow has a unique design that will add individuality and style to your bike.

The Verdict

If youre an all-mountain or freerider looking for a lightweight, good looking, comfortable saddle that wont easily bend, break or fade, THEs Flow saddle is a good choice.


Thanks to THE Industries for providing the Flow saddle for testing.