Syncros Crux Platform Pedal Review

The Syncros Crux pedals are intended for downhill, freeride, 4x, trials, BMX racing, and dirt jump applications. If youre into any of that stuff and are looking for a pedal with unparalleled grip, look no further.


Syncros uses a high quality, 6061 aluminum alloy for the pedal body. The result is a pedal that’s lightweight and stronger than it needs to be. Because this pedal is competition oriented, it is lighter than Syncros steel pedals but does not come with the same lifetime warranty. The concave shape produces maximum foot/pedal contact and the specially designed replaceable pins provide more grip than any other pedal Ive tested.

The Crux pedals feature an axle made of SNCM CroMoly, the hardest axle material available. Four bearings per pedal will keep it spinning smooth and free of play for a long time. And if the bearings ever do wear out, you can easily rebuild the pedal with parts available at your local shop. At $183.95 MSRP, these pedals costs $40+ more than the competition but at just 428 grams they’re 90-110 grams lighter than similarly priced pedals. Oh yeah and the graphics look great, especially when paired with the matching FR 31 bars. The Crux pedal is available in black & grey grunge, white & grey grunge, and white & purple grunge.

The Ride

Initially I was a bit skeptical about the size of these pedals since I’m used to riding a bigger platform. But after just a few minutes my concerns disappeared. The slightly smaller platform means all the pins dig into your shoes, minimizing slippage.


Whether you ride with a skate shoe or 5.10s, these pedals offer plenty of grip. The unique pin design bites into your shoes so once your foot is on the pedal it wont slip off. These pins will take a chunk out of your shin if you do slip a pedal so Syncros highly recommends wearing leg armor while using the Crux. When paired with 5.10s, the Crux provides so much grip it feels like youre clipped in. This makes the Crux pedal ideal for terrain where your foot would normally slip around such as technical DH, Freeride, dirt jumps, and skatepark riding.

All this extra grip gives you instant confidence. Within minutes I was jumping higher, riding faster and pulling better moto whips than usual. This confidence extends into all riding situations be it rock gardens, corners, jumps, steeps or skinnies. The Crux pedals dont spin during foot tricks like no footers thanks to the tight bearing tolerances – a nice touch for sure. I even got some props from other riders at Joyride 150, my local bike park, on the look of these pedals and how well they matched the FR 31 bars.


The Verdict

After over a month of pounding these pedals hard they are still good as new. The Syncros Crux pedals should continue to perform flawlessly for months to come, given the impressive materials Syncros builds these pedals with. These are the best pedals I have used to date and I highly recommend them for their intended use.

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Thanks to Syncros for supplying the Crux pedals for testing.

About Syncros

Syncros started operating out of a Vancouver bike shop in the 1980s, producing parts that could withstand the pounding dished out by riders on the nearby North Shore Mountains. Syncros was bought by Ritchey in 2003 and today produces high-end components built tough enough to withstand the most difficult trails while maintaining competitive weights and prices.