Review: Giro Rivet Glove


The brand-new Rivet from Giro is an all-purpose riding glove for mountain bikers who want full finger protection without the associated bulk.IMG_1838ab

Designed to provide just a thin layer of protection while improving grip, the Rivet is based on Giro’s LTZ™ road glove, which also features a close fitting feel with limited material around your hand.

The selected fabrics allow for a stretchy upper body that breaths well, wicks moisture, and conforms to whatever motion your hand makes.IMG_0621a

The palm features Giro’s Super-Fit design. Using a three-panel system, it makes a glove fit like a glove. The vented Clarino palm is both durable and cool.

The elastic enclosure with sonic-welded pull tab contributes to the snug fit, while still being easy to take on and off.


Over the past couple of seasons I’ve found myself favoring lighter and lighter gloves. Short of going with half-fingered gloves, I tend to use the most minimalistic gloves I can find, even when riding DH. Yes, something like the Rivet will tear apart in a bad crash. But what glove will survive? At least, that’s my reasoning. Personally, I’m all about control. That is exactly what the Rivet provides.


A fitted glove with no worry about a velcro or snap enclosure, the Rivet takes a few extra seconds to fit over the finger sausages, and snugly around the back side of the hand. Once on, though, there is no hint of unwanted movement. That close feeling translates to a precise bar, grip, and brake feel. The siliconized finger tips for the two brake fingers and thumb enhance brake and shifter grip. An added bonus to the silicon is that they work well on my Galaxy 5s.

Over the course of my review, I had only small, random strands fray a bit, but over all the gloves held up well. One big crash that I was involved in did cause a slight rip in a finger as I tumbled down the hillside, but that was entirely my fault.

For about $35 (MSRP) you’ll get a decently lightweight XC-style glove that holds up well even in harsher environments.

Thanks to Giro for sending down the Rivets for review.