Singletracks Best Reads: November

The last month of fall is coming to a close. While October can be a great month for riding depending on where you reside, November probably looked different. The leaves are gone, daylight shrunk, warm weather has mostly ceased, and then there’s the onset of lethargy-inducing holiday food. In most places, it becomes more of a chore to get out on the bike.

Less light and colder weather mean a bigger draw to stay inside, but that can be a plus if you’re a reader. In November, we revisited some of the mountain bike trends over the last decade, Covid’s ill effects on racing and events, how the Anthill Films team honored Stevie Smith in the Long Live Chainsaw film, and shared essays, opinions, and more from our contributors. Thumb through this past month’s best reads and dig into any stories you may have missed the first time around.

Back in 2010 carbon fiber was questionable, 29ers were new, and flow trails were freshly christened.

What I Learned Riding a High Pivot Bike This Summer

Are high pivots a game-changer? Matt reflects on ride impressions after a few months riding the new GT Force.

The Making of ‘Long Live Chainsaw’ with Darcy Wittenburg of Anthill Films

Darcy Wittenberg shares the backstory behind the creation of “Long Live Chainsaw,” a documentary about legendary pro mountain biker Stevie Smith.

The Bike Industry is Booming, But for Race and Event Promoters it’s Been a Different Story

For mountain bike race organizers the past two years have been incredibly challenging, and for many, it will be years before they fully recover.

For Some Military Vets, Mountain Biking is Nothing Short of a Lifeline

We shared two military veterans’ stories about using mountain biking to connect and uplift their fellow warriors, and why the Dept. of Veterans Affairs is exploring wilderness therapy.

It’s Easier Than Ever Before to Ride to the Ride

A number of recent developments have made driving entirely optional for a lot of mountain bike rides.

Is Electronic Shifting Really That Amazing?

Electronic shifting is heralded as a revelation in mountain bike drivetrain technology, but is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

This Old Mountain Bike Dog Tried a New Gravel Trick

Gravel riding opens up a whole new world for a long-time mountain biker.

Riding the White Rim Trail on a Tandem Mountain Bike

Professional mountain bikers Ryan Standish and Evelyn Dong set out to ride the 100-mile White Rim trail loop in Utah on a tandem mountain bike. Perhaps to no one’s surprise, tandemonium ensued.