Singletracks Best MTB Reads and Feature Stories: February 2022

This month Singletracks covered trail stories in North Carolina, Texas, and Spain and dug into the keto diet, how brake pads retract, and the current state of MTB supply chains.

The final month of winter is finally behind us. Here comes spring, thawing trails, and smiles. Despite snow, cold, and suboptimal riding conditions, it’s been a good month at Singletracks and our contributors have been delivering some great stories for us. We heard about new trails in North Carolina and some southwestern flavors in Texas, as well as trail access issues boiling in Spain.

Our staff members looked at the viability of the keto diet for mountain bikers and the ins and outs of hydraulic brakes. There’s more though. Take a look below and catch up on anything you may have missed.

Big Branch Bike Park Brings the Flow of High Country Trails to Coastal North Carolina in Spite of Tricky Soil Conditions

Building mountain bike trails in sandy terrain is tricky but these trail builders, with the support of the local community, made it happen. Now Onslow County, NC residents can ride much closer to home.

How MTB Disc Brake Pads Retract and Adjust to Wear, with Magura’s Jude Monica

How exactly do my MTB brake pads retract when i let off the lever, and how do they adjust to wear? We ask an expert.

Mountain Biker’s Guide to Keto: A Brief Overview of the Low-Carb Diet for Riders

We take a look at how the keto diet works for mountain bikers and endurance athletes.

Why Gorilla Tape Isn’t Ideal and Other MTB Tubeless Taping Tips with Drew Esherick From Stans NoTubes

We dug in to learn more about tubeless tire rim tape and how to make the best seal possible for mountain biking.

Chill + Smooth = Fast. Jumping From U21 to Elite EWS Racing with Myles Morgan of Evil Bikes

Myles Morgan grew up racing bikes, and now the young athlete is making a name for himself on the enduro race scene.

The Fire and the Trail: A Changed Perspective on Changing Trails

Disappointed that wildfire made it necessary to widen a favorite singletrack trail, one rider learned how and why trails are constantly changing.

How Hydraulic MTB Brakes Manage Heat and Expert Tips to Avoid Overheating

Brake expert Jude Monica explains how hydraulic disc brakes deal with expanding fluid and fills us in on rotor selection.

Austin, Texas has Spicy Trails, Spicy Food, and is Welcoming to all Riders [Ride Like a Local]

There are miles of both accessible and challenging singletrack in and around Austin, Texas that’s maintained by dedicated mountain bikers.

Making Singletrack Legal: The Threat of 1,000€ Fines and The Politics of Barcelona’s Collserola Park

Mountain bikers in and around Barcelona are fighting an uphill battle for legal access to miles of singletrack trails in the massive Collserola park.

Mountain Bikers Know How to Have More Than 1 Type of Fun [The Stoke]

As mountain bikers we believe in type-2 fun. But in the moment, it can feel as if it surely will never come.

Where’s My New Mountain Bike? An In-Depth Look at Ongoing Supply Chain Challenges

We dig into the story of long lead times and bike shortages with Jason Moeschler from Evil.

Road Trip Worthy: Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas

The mountain bike trails at Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas offer a new, uniquely awesome and natural experience.

Brooke Goudy Talks About Changes in the Mountain Bike Industry and Culture Following the Racial Reckoning of 2020

Singletracks sat down with Colorado-based mountain biker Brooke Goudy to get her perspective on what’s changed in mountain biking and what still needs work.

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