Brendan Fairclough is Rampaging From Home [Video]

Brendog says, "With all the bike parks closed we have had to get creative here haha."

From Brendan Fairclough’s YouTube channel:

We thought it was well over due to get @Sam Pilgrim down for a home rampage episode and it didn’t disappoint. After our tragic attempt at jumping the house a few weeks ago we decided to try again with a slightly different approach, more of a trials/slopstyle idea. Instead of using the motocross bike we decided to pedal in and use an MTB Hopper up onto Sam’s van and across.

Sam headed down in his converted sprinter van. As he rolled in to the drive our heads started thinking. Of course we’re jumping on to his van as a starting point but then that left us with a huge canyon to get across. So in true @dannymac style we erected the worlds sketchiest skinny. And believe me this skinny was horrific to walk across let alone cycle across at high speed.

I was really not happy about this one. Jumping on to the van I had no issue with but hitting the skinny straight after was so scary. Zero room for error and no change to practice it sucked. Luckily Sam opted to go first on this.

With all the bike parks closed we have had to get creative here haha. So fun riding with Sam. Such different styles but works so well. We have such different skill sets it’s crazy. He is such a dirt jumper/ slope style guy and my back ground in world cup racing is such a contrast but works so well when we get out brains together. So with @GoPro’s on we got things ramped up and got this crazy stunt dealt with.