Renee Hutchens is a Mountain Biker Advocating for Indigenous People and the Environment [Podcast #286]

Photo provided by Renee Hutchens.

Renee Hutchens is a mountain biker, storyteller, and artist living in Colorado. As a member of the Diné Nation, Renee is an advocate for both Indigenous people and the lands they call home.

In this episode we discuss what it means to have a respectful and consensual relationship with the lands where we ride. Renee explains the meaning of the phrase environmental justice and talks about the mission of the Ute Land Trust. We talk about how words and naming in the bike industry can be hurtful to indigenous communities and why land acknowledgements at races are important.

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Editor’s note: We reached out to Handup for comment about the “savage” glove mentioned in this interview and received the following reply: “We stopped selling these gloves in June 2020 after this came to our attention. Since then, we’ve changed gears to highlight ‘Gloves that Give’ in order for us to be able to give back to underrepresented community members of the mountain bike industry.”

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