Potential Pitfalls Every Bike Shop and Bike Brand Faces [Podcast #284]

We geek out on a topic many of us take for granted, and learn how waivers and warranties work in the bike world.
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No, this isn’t a sponsored episode; we just wanted to geek out on a topic that most of us take for granted!

Rob Martin is the managing director at Outdoor Sports Insurance, a Horizon Agency program dedicated to working with sports equipment manufacturers and retailers.

Tori Hoeschler is senior vice president at Horizon Agency and works with all aspects of the Outdoor Sports Insurance Program. Like us, you may have wondered:

  • Are bike shops liable for faulty repairs?
  • Are more bike shops starting to offer rentals?
  • What should consumers know about signing equipment rental or guide service waivers?
  • With such a high demand for bikes currently, are your retail clients seeing an increase in theft?
  • How does product liability coverage work? How is that related to product recalls and warranty issues?
  • How much of the cost of a bike product, or a service like a bike park lift ticket, typically goes toward covering insurance?

More information at outdoorsportsins.com.

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